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RØDE Wireless GO II Microphone

RØDE Wireless GO II Microphone

Welcome to the era of unrestricted creativity and seamless communication! Today, we delve into the innovative marvel that is the RØDE Wireless GO II. In a world where connectivity and convenience reign supreme, this wireless microphone system stands out as a game-changer for content creators, filmmakers, vloggers, journalists, and anyone who values high-quality audio on the go.e. Whether you’re shooting with a DSLR, camcorder, smartphone, or tablet, this versatile system ensures crystal-clear sound transmission, offering professional-grade audio performance.


  • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
  • Maximum Range: Up to 200m (line of sight)
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 hours (rechargeable)
  • Audio Resolution: 24-bit/48kHz
  • Weight: Transmitter (31g), Receiver (32g)
  • Dimensions: Transmitter (44mm x 45.3mm x 18.5mm), Receiver (44mm x 46.4mm x 18.5mm)

Special Features:

  • Dual-channel wireless microphone system for enhanced versatility and flexibility.
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries providing up to 7 hours of operation.
  • Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission for crystal-clear audio quality and reliable performance.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design for effortless portability.
  • Quick pairing and seamless connectivity with smartphones, cameras, and other recording devices.
  • Versatile usage options including clip-on, handheld, and more.
  • Safety channel function to ensure backup audio recording in case of interference.
  • Innovative onboard recording capabilities with support for up to 24 hours of internal recording.
  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls for hassle-free operation.
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories for enhanced functionality.

KEY Factors:

  • Audio Quality: The RØDE Wireless GO II delivers studio-quality sound with minimal interference, ensuring your recordings are always clear and professional.
  • Versatility: With its compact design and multiple usage options, this wireless microphone system adapts to any recording scenario, whether you’re filming interviews, vlogs, or live events.
  • Reliability: Thanks to its robust construction and advanced transmission technology, the Wireless GO II offers reliable performance in any environment, from bustling city streets to remote outdoor locations.

Pros and Cons:



User Feedback:

I’ve been using the Wireless GO II for my YouTube channel, and I’m blown away by its performance. The audio quality is superb, and the dual-channel system allows me to capture crisp sound from multiple sources without any hassle. – Sarah

Our Recommendations:

After thorough evaluation and testing, we highly recommend the RØDE Wireless GO II for its exceptional performance, unmatched convenience, and innovative features. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring creator, this wireless microphone system is guaranteed to elevate your audio game and streamline your workflow.

In conclusion, the RØDE Wireless GO II redefines the standards of wireless microphone technology with its cutting-edge features, unmatched performance, and unparalleled convenience. Whether you’re capturing interviews on the streets or recording podcasts in the studio, this versatile microphone system empowers you to unleash your creativity without limitations. Experience the freedom of wireless audio with the RØDE Wireless GO II and take your recordings to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions About RØDE Wireless GO II

1. What is the RØDE Wireless GO II?

The RØDE Wireless GO II is a compact wireless microphone system for content creators, offering dual-channel capability and onboard recording.

2. How does the dual-channel system work?

It allows simultaneous connection and recording from two separate audio sources, offering greater flexibility in recording setups.

3. What is onboard recording, and how does it work?

Onboard recording lets you capture audio internally onto the transmitter units, providing up to 24 hours of backup recording without external devices.

4.What is the maximum range of the Wireless GO II?

It offers a maximum range of up to 200 meters (line of sight), ensuring a strong and reliable connection between transmitter and receiver units.

5. How long does the battery last on the Wireless GO II?

The built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 7 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.

6. Is the Wireless GO II compatible with smartphones and cameras?

Yes, it's compatible with various recording devices via 3.5mm TRS or USB-C outputs.

7. Does the Wireless GO II require any special setup or configuration?

No, it's designed for hassle-free operation with minimal setup required.

8. Can I use the Wireless GO II for live streaming or broadcasting?

Yes, it's suitable for live streaming and broadcasting with its reliable performance and crystal-clear audio quality.

9. What accessories are available for the Wireless GO II?

Accessories include windshields, lavalier microphones, USB-C cables, and carrying cases to customize and enhance functionality.

10. What makes the Wireless GO II different from the original Wireless GO?

It features dual-channel capability, extended range, improved battery life, onboard recording, and enhanced compatibility with accessories.


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